We use latest Deep Learning technologies to get probability distributions
of future foreign exchange rates.
And we do it accurately.

Daily predictions

Use daily major currency pair predictions to succesful day-by-day trading

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Weekly predictions

Use weekly predictions for longer term trading and to adjust your daily trades

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Forex trading strategies

Use combinations of predictions and forget portfolio swings

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How it works

This is an example probability distribution histogram of USDJPY. X axis is for evaluated probability, Y axis is for USDJPY cost. Blue is for minimal exchange rate, yellow is for maximum exchange rate. So how to make actual decisions based on such graph? Take a look at the last known exchange rate. How many predictions are above current value? And how many are below? To say it simply - if there are more predictions above - the decision should be Buy, if more predictions are below - Sell. But if current exchange rate is in between minimal and maximal distribution modes, every decision could be very risky. See detailed instruction on how to use it here.

Why probability distributions?

Foreign exchange markets are chaotic. But so are the world we live in. Take a minute to think of any event that should occur next week and you will see that there is no single event that has absolutely 100% chance of occurrence. Evolize system was developed keeping in mind that the future can be understood as probability distribution of future opportunities, so we provide a histogram which consists of more than 150 different predictions. Shape or the probability distribution has more information than the actual point prediction. Mode of distribution means most probable exchange rate. Two or more modes reflects the duality of the market.

Entirely science based

Research of the current algorithm dates back to 2010. That is why we can back our each and every claim by scientific articles published in respective scientific journals. Pearson's correlation coefficient for 23 trading days in a row? Here it is. Mean absolute prediction error (MAPE) for 24 trading days? Here it is. See full review of all scientific articles on this particular algorithm here.

Manage risk to avoid anomalies

Be prepared for anomalies and manage your risk. Distribution of predictions shows, that probability of anomaly in exchange market is always above 0. From time to time anomalies, created by interventions, nature disasters and geopolitical events throws regular traders under the bus. You must be ready for every unexpected event. You must have diversified portfolio. You must calculate your risk, expected profit and probability of profit/loss. Read more about some hedging strategies here.

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