Forex trading strategies

These are most popular Forex trading strategies you can apply with our signals:

Daily predictions high probability

Hunting high probabilities is definitely most common trading technique although it’s still risky. High probabilities do not occur often and when they occur it’s never 100%. Thus overall it’s a good strategy, but one needs to think of more than one trade at the time to decrease you loss probability. We wouldn’t fall for Daily best probability predictions if we couldn’t find at least four currency pairs to trade accordingly.


2nd day’s predictions high probability

2nd day’s (tomorrows) predictions are still very accurate and the best part is that you have plenty of time to make a decision. If today’s predictions come in the morning of the same day, 2nd days predictions comes the morning before trading day so you can look at what’s happening in the markets and make your call.

3rd day’s predictions best probability

Third days predictions are quite risky. To minimize the risk one needs to have a closer look at the markets. Are there any surprises? Think if there are any unexpected events than could change market direction, and if so – think twice before any order based on 3rd days prediction.

Weekly predictions best probability

Weekly predictions are the most profitable since weekly volatility is way bigger than daily and one has the time to make a decision because predictions come in the morning before the first day of week starts. Just don’t forget – if you go after best probability – you need to have at least two currency pairs to trade on. Otherwise you are giving away too much into the hands of luck.

Daily and 2nd day’s prediction mix

That’s where combinations come from. There will only be few examples of combinations but I bet you can think of way more after reading this. Daily and 2nd day’s prediction mix is when you trade only when both predictions are the same direction both have good odds. For example EURUSD has 76% to reach 1.024 today and tomorrow’s prediction say that EURUSD will reach 1.019 with 62% odds. Seems a bit risky, but quite good if you mix it with other currencies in the same portfolio.

Daily, 2nd and 3rd day’s prediction mix

Another combination, just added a bit more information. Think of how would you trade if first and second day predictions would tell you to sell short, and 3rd day would tell you to buy? If the market is changing direction at some lowest point maybe it would be better not to set Take Profit very low on your short order. Or maybe you consider to back off of such trade? True risk taker would never do that but consider hedging with some other orders.

Daily and weekly prediction mix

We sincerely love this strategy. You get the sense of the whole week by looking at weekly prediction, and make decisions looking at daily. This reduces risk in a long term while making profits in a short term. Take profit is large while Stop loss can be narrow so there’s some space to stay calm and make profit.

London – New York prediction mix

This one requires further explanation. London closes first, New York second. So looking at the London prediction you can see how New York can look like five hours before closing. Thus for example if London prediction goes south and New York prediction goes north you can expect that currency will go north in the last five hours, or that the day will turn around at some point.

Combining with other strategies

For course you can apply your own trading strategies and use Evolize signals as an additional confirmation. Evolize signals works well combined with Fibonacci levels, support and resistance and other strategies