Daily predictions

Every day we update our Forex prices predictions and provide 3 main sections of daily signals that you can explore:
1. Daily prediction history
2. Current day predictions
3. Two days in advance predictions

Daily prediction history

One needs to learn the past to predict the future. For traders who already use Evolize its prediction history is one of the best source of knowledge because you can analyze what strategies would be more profitable or what should one have done differently. We never change prediction history. It is what it is. Our main goal is that you become profitable while using Evolize. We believe that changing or updating history would remove the possibility to learn.
On the chart You will see the same day’s candlesticks as the date of prediction.


Current day predictions

This is where vast majority of profits come from. Each day we update predictions before market opens, at around 4:20 am London and 4:35 am New York (it takes 4 to 6 hours of counting), so you will see predictions and market movements in real time. Four main things needs to be considered while using daily predictions – probability UP, probability DOWN, Probability to Stay In Range and probabilities by row.
Probabilities UP and DOWN mark how many predictions are above highest point and below lowest point of today’s price action. Probability to stay in range marks how many predictions are already reached and are in range between highest and lowest today’s point. Probabilities by row shows how many predictions there are there for each row and the percent values are combined so you could see an actual probability of reaching certain row.

Two days in advance predictions

There is a reason why we re-count our predictions twice each day. The more days to the future you are predicting, the more combined errors are taken into account. This is called Sensitivity to initial conditions in Chaos theory and it states that a point in a chaotic system is arbitrarily closely approximated by other points with significantly different future paths, or trajectories. Thus, an arbitrarily small change, or perturbation, of the current trajectory may lead to significantly different future behavior.
Using of second days prediction is considered to be less accurate. This means more risk to investor. But here’s the mind blower – you can combine today’s predictions with tomorrow or two days in advance and get better results. How? Think of combinations of predictions and create the rules you are comfortable with. For example:
If today there is more than 50% probability “UP”, tomorrow has more than 50% probability “UP” and the day after tomorrow has more than 50% probability UP from current point – I am buying. You can create lots of combinations here, find out what works and use it to your advantage.